Apple goes corporate

When I worked at my last employer selling a SaaS work collaboration solution, our number one requested feature from IT pros was Mac compatibility. Our solution was only Windows compatible and we began to bleed customers big time eroding the company’s bottom line until a bunch of us were laid off. True story. You can no longer ignore Apple if you’re a corporate CTO.

Street art

Mural found on the rear of Lestat’s in University Heights.

Mi ruca!

Your shoes suck!

The folks at Mint in Hillcrest have a good sense of humor.

ATCQ in the house!


I’ve always liked the selection at Mint shoe store in Hillcrest. They have styles I don’t see anywhere else. Check them out


Now ask yourself, when was the last time you saw a pay phone?


Mission Beach, San Diego



Keeper of the Kangol.



Welcome to my office.

Yes, that's a keyboard condom you're looking at. My friend fried her MacBook after she spilled water on it. An ounce of prevention...


This was my receipt for a single item: a carton of milk.